Abdulkader Ramadan Accounting & Auditing is a leading provider of professional services in UAE. we offer a broad range of accounting & bookkeeping, assurance, internal auditingcompany liquidation and litigation support services to businesses and law firms as a one-stop service provider, through one single point of contact and one liability.

Established in 2009 by Mr. Abdulkader Ramadan Mansour, a professional with over 45 years of accounting and auditing experience in the UAE.

Mr. Abdulkader is a registered accounting expert in the Ministry of Justice, registered auditor in the UAE Ministry of Economy and an approved arbitrator and expert at  Sharjah International Commercial Arbitration Centre (TAHKEEM)

Whoever our clients are, we get to know them so we can understand their present and help them prepare for the future.

Why Outsource your accounting functions

Outsourcing the accounting functions of your business saves payroll expense, overhead expense and frees up your valuable time.  The expenses for an employee-bookkeeper include wages, paid time off, worker compensation insurance, and benefits.  In addition, you must provide work space, office furniture, office supplies, software and computers.  The average business owner spends five or more hours per week managing bookkeeping personnel.  By outsourcing your accounting functions, you receive services from a degreed professional at a fraction of the cost.

Client Testimonials:

“Abdulkader Ramadan Accounting & Auditing has provided our company with financial auditing services that have exceeded our expectations and they always present us with advice that is timely and relevant to our business. Their assistance and guidance on some complex accounting transactions, solidifying our internal control structure and the resulting opinions on our financial statements have been invaluable to our business success.”
New Media Zone, CLIENT